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Draken Photography (UK) close to a thousand galleries - vampires, faeries,, monsters and other themes 


If you are interested in becoming a model , or just want to expand your range of styles, I can shoot a portfolio for you, whether you want to be alternative or mainstream - from Gothic, Horror, Fantasy, Nudes, Lingerie, Fetish, Topless or anything else you would like.

I can supply many outfits props and accessories, all shoots will take place on location.

Rates start at £30 for two sets of images and three sets for £45.

This is for a different outfit for each set (for nudes, you will have to bring your own!!) and all props. If I have to make or buy new prosthetics there will be an extra charge for these.

I can arrange a makeup artist if required, this will also be an extra charge

David Watkins


Horrify MeHorrify Me - a perfect fusion of theatrical makeup, photography, and digital art. Carried out by enthusiastic professionals and fans of the genre. Enjoy a fun makeup and photo shoot session which results in truly breathtaking Hollywood-standard horror images which will scare you to death. Many additional options for photographic prints available. Ask for details. Vampire and Zombie photography.

Ivan Otis Photography (Gallery of 30 photographs, vampire theme)

Slevin MorsSlevin Mors is a photographer and artist residing in the shadows of Orange County, California. While growing up he was constantly drawn to the dark & macabre and spent a lot of time immersed in horror, noir and dark comedic entertainment. Finding inspiration everywhere his biggest influences have come from some of the darkest imaginations. Edgar Allen Poe, Clive Barker, The Brothers Grimm to name a few as well as the legends and myths of the old world. Being attracted to the darker parts of the human spirit allows for a unique view of the world around him. This unique viewpoint pushes Slevin to create a conflict of emotions within the viewer with his artwork. The juxtaposition of darkness, horror and beauty is a running theme within his creative process.


Zatsepin Alex Photography (small collection of vampire pics among many gothic snaps)

Hello! My name is Zatsepin Alex. I’m photographer located in Moldova. My favorite style of art is dark art. I work in variety of styles, starting from horror, sci-fi, experimental to military and fetish photography. I shoot book covers, magazine editorials, product shooting, etc. For clothes photos, I work with model Elisanth. If you want to work with me, please contact me. Thank you!

Amanda Norman Gothic Horror Photgraphy - Based in Liverpool, UK.  

Dare you pose for Liverpool photographer Amanda Norman and risk revealing your true soul?

Amanda Norman specialises in Gothic horror photography and offers her alternative portrait service to those individuals who would like something exciting and different on their walls whether it be horrorfantasy or boudoir.  It can be in the comfort of your own home or on location and there’s usually room for you to bring a chaperone.

Alinan Oswald vampire photograhy blogs and pages about vampire photography

Stefano Atzori Vampire PhotographyVampire Photography “I speak Vampire.” Yes, I do. I photograph vampires, too. My first book about vampire is called VAMPIRE FANTASIES, a photography portfolio I’m working hard to update. This time last year, I had the unique opportunity to show my vampire related work in a series called VAMPIRES IN NEW YORK, as part of the OF THE MIND show hosted by Casa Colombo, in Jersey City.

Karl Lagerfield Vampire Pictures



Avelina De Moray

Dark Morte (Emma Dark)

Dark Wolf

Doris Omerta


Lady Amaranth

La Esmeralda


Morgana - Thredony in Velvet

Razor Candi

The Dastardly Dandy Demondaz

Vampyre Andra




As much as i might like to include everyone who can scribble a pair of fangs onto a vague face (that would be me), i'll only be listing professional artists here.

Anna Marine - Sample 1  Sample 2

Anne Stokes - Sample

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell -   Sample

Celeste Gomez

Clyde Caldwell - Sample 1 Sample 2

Isabel G.R - Sample 1 Sample 2

Joe Diamond - Sample 1 Sample 2

Lilif Ilane - Sample 1  Sample 2

Lucio Parrillo - (vampirella gallery)

Luis Royo - Sample

Nathalia Suellen - Sample 1  Sample 2

Victoria Frances - Sample 1 Sample 2

Viona Art

Zindy Nielsen - Sample 1  Sample 2



Other Art

Burntmetal Sensations - Sample - Art etched into wood or metal, some fantastic vampire pics created by this artist.

The Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery Blog - The art from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles books, plus discussions on each piece.

The Daily Bite - this is well worth a browse, what it says on the tin... a vampire bite every day. Rare pics and commentary.

Vampire Art - Facebook Community, 2616 members as of June 2016. Tons of photos, regular additions. - 73 images as of July 2016, some rare as far as the internet goes.

Ravenna Piccio Vampire Photgraphy - Pinterest site

Andy Sowards vampire design inspirations




These are wallpaper / art sites big enough to have huge collections of vampire art. Sure, most of it is on every vampire artwork site, but can be worth a trawl if you are looking for imagery.

Photobucket Vampires

Shutterstock Vampires

Canstockphoto Vampires

123RF Vampires

AlphaCoders Vampire Wallpapers - 198 High res vampire wallpapers for desktop backgrounds - around 50 pics

Fotosearch vampires

Dreamstime vampires - over 20000 vampire images!

Flickr vampires

Getty Images Vampires

Stockfreeimages vampires

Shutterskills Vampires



Vampire Tumblr Pages