Book Review sites : 

First up, Taliesin Meets the Vampires has countless book reviews alongside its film reviews.

Bitten By Books has been running for years, and has a ton of vampire / paranormal books reviewed there.  Daily reviews, competitions, new book news... enough to keep those of you addicted to vampire books busy. is a huge site, and has a nice section dedicated to our fanged friends... pretty much every major new book release is reviewed (51 at time of post), regular competitions and most popular lists so you can see what everyone else is sinking their literary teeth into.

Wow. Not sure how long this will be there, but...  has hundreds of, like it says on the tin, free to read books online.  Big name authors too.

Along similar lines, has a good range of books to read online... although this one is a little popup intensive.

Vampirebookclub has daily reviews of vampire books and has been running since 2010 and has a list of new releases every month. Their facebook page has 8700 members. looks to be a dead site, although it still has reviews of a couple of hundred books. Last update looks to be early 2012.

Vampchix blog - Running for Almost 6 years now, 727 members as of June 2015. Welcome to the VampChix blog. We read books with bite and all manner of creatures are welcome here, whether from this world or beyond our imagination. If it has wings, magic, fangs, claws, or powers that just can't be explained, chances are we want to read about it.  Our interests are varied so you never know what you might find lurking around the page, but we enjoy books, graphic novels, comics, movies, and television. - running for almost 6 years.  Musings of a modern vampire mom.




Desperately Seeking Castle Dracula.  


The Vampyre Blogs - Private Edition.  This blog is a compilation of short works of fiction by Allan and Helen Krummenacker, authors of the Para-Earth Book Series. The stories contained here take place before our novel "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home", with the idea of introducing you to some of the characters who appear in that book and the upcoming anthology "The Vampyre Blogs - One Day At a Time" coming this November. So please, sit back and enjoy more glimpses into Nathan's (our vampyre) and his friends' lives.  Blog has been running since 2014, 100 posts as of Dec 31 2017





Anno Dracula / 1895 : Seven days in mayhem

Biff The Vampire - at least 4 volumes of this one

Captain Chronos : Vampire Hunter

Dark Fang - #2 released Jan 2018. Underwater vampire!

Dracula : The Graphic Novel  (Gender swap!)

Grimswood Crossing - 3 part Graphic Novel, with 4-6 going on kickstarter Jan 15th 2018. Vampires, zombies and werewolves await in graphic novel 'Grimwood Crossing'

Redneck - Graphic novel by Donny Cates.

Patrik The Vampire - comic strip, currently 186 pages published as of Jan 1st 2016 with updates twice a week.

The Trade

The Vampire of Lost Highway

Vampirella - Vampirella Feary Tales, Dynamite's latest Vampirella series