Vampires : The Darkside

Vampire Legacy Tavern






Online / Phone / Tablet etc

Dracula's Castle - Online Slot machine (paid, this is not free!)

Vampires : Todd & Jessica's Story




PC / Console

Cloud of Darkness (2016)

Code Vein - Out 2018.  Trailer


Scarlet Curiosity

SIMS 4 vampire pack (2017)

Slayer Shock

Vampyr - PC, XBOX, PS4 - Out 2018. Trailer.



Live Action

Vampire : The Masqurade

By Night Studios - currently developing a new VtM game, rights were sold by White Wolf earlier in 2015.

Vampire RPG forum - (Vampire The Masquerade forum)

PlanetVampire.com forum

World Of Darkness news - news for those of us wondering what's next for teh VtM game.


Coming Soon