Darkness Within E-Zine - issue 1 is July 2015.

Real Vampire Life - An Independant E-Zine of the real vampire sub-culture. A real vampire sub-culture resource for everyone.

Running since May 2012, big site with dozens of sections, features and links. Monthly issues.


Vampire's Health - A magazine for trend-concious vampires.  Last update looks to be Nov 2012



The London Vampire Magazine - Newly launched, London Vampire Magazine is the publication that will set out all that is of interest to London's Noctural Inhabitants. June 15th, Issue #2 is out - Sexy Vampires.

Facebook group, 1028 members as of May 2015


Bite Me Magazine - 20 issues as of June 2015


Vampirenews.com - Automatically hoovers up anything with "vampire" in the title, so lots of media stories. Has plenty of links to browse through each day though.