Vampire Shopping

Ok, first thing I will say here... I take no responsibility if one of these shops diddles you out of some money or sells you something crappy. I don't get anything from any of these places, so shop at your own risk. Having said that, if it looks like there are some lovely vampire goodies to be had, i'll be posting the site here. These are in no particular order, other than when I found them and posted here.



All Things Gothic For Sale  (Facebook, 8600 members as of May 2015)

Vampire Shopping (Facebook) On the hunt for that next cool "vampire" item to add to your collection? Look no further! 

Kinky Angel (UK)

Stoker's Closet (UK, Whitby)



Secret Oktober (USA)

Vampire Shop  (UK)  (Ranges - Alchemy Gothic, Darkstar, Vince Ray, Nemesis Now + others) (USA)  (Ranges - Alchemy Gothic, Demonia Footwear. Also has blood vials, fangs, handbags + other stuff)

Vampire Freaks Store (USA) - Clothing, Jewellry, footwear. (Ranges - 31 of them!)




Vampire Vineyards (USA)  (also sells clothing and wine glasses, bottle openers etc)

Bat's Blood (UK) - (I could drink this endlessly. Yum!)




Vampire Diaries merch shop  (USA) - Warner Brothers official site

Vampire Academy (USA) - Official merch site.



Fangs (USA) - also sells masks, wigs + other stuff.

FeralFangsmithing (USA Midwest)

Midnight Custom Fangs - USA

Sabretooth Custom Fangs - USA, New York

Teeth by Dnash - USA Conneticut (UK)

Cavallero Fangs (USA) Professional custom made fangs, founded 2007

Absolute Dental FX (UK) - Absolute Dental FX, part of Absolute Dental Laboratory, produces custom made special FX character teeth in an ever expanding range of designs.



Caskets / Furniture