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So... here you are, you found Vampweb.  What is it? What it says on the tin, basically... Vamps on the web. It might be a little ambitious, but I'm going to try and get as much vampire content on here as I can over the coming months and years.  

The inital plan is to post daily here any film / tv / book / event news that I can hoover up from the web. Alongside that, I'll be building up the content under each menu with sites to visit, with a brief description of each place. Any events I come across will be added to the Events calendar, with a location and a couple of lines to describe it. The UK doesnt have a whole lot of vampire events running, so a lot of those might be for our friends across in the states.

Am I looking for help and contributors? Absolutely... if you can spare an hour a week or more to go digging through the darker side of the web to add something here that I havent found... send me a message here, I know that I can't create what I want here on my own. I'm not looking to compete with any of the vampire community sites... if you go find a cool place to hang out via this place, great.  That being said, Vampweb has got a discussion board, a chat thing, and hopefully in a little while, a vampire writing forum. 

So... sign up, dig in, have a look around. I am starting this at the beginning of May 2015, so if you are visiting close to that, there might not be a huge amount of content... but keep checking back. I will be adding stuff nightly. Give me 6 months and this place will be loaded with vampire goodness.


By signing up for this site, you agree you are 18 years of age or over.  By the nature of this content, some of it will be of adult nature, and contain themes and images of a sexual and violent nature not suitable for minors.

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