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Vampire news and site additions 2018

from everlost on 12/31/2017 05:13 PM

Ok, so this is something of a relaunch...  for the first time in several years I have genuine hope that work is not going to try and kill me for the forseeable, so other than a few trips away in the first quarter of the year, I should be able to start doing regular updates again.

So...  here we go.

Jan 1st 2018

Site Updates
Added The Bones of Romeo Rock Opera to the Theater, Shows & Nightlife section. Also added the band to the Music / bands section.
Added The Vampyre Blogs - Private Edition to the Books, Blogs & Strips section
Added a new Dracula's Castle online slot machine to the Games section
Added Dracula's Ball to the Events calendar, and Theater, Shows & Nightlife section - Philadephia, 14th April 2018
Added Vampires Romania to the Facebook Communities section.
Added Ordo Dracul Transylvania to Facebook Communities section.
Added Vampires and Goth Dark Art to Facebook Communities section.
Added The Gothic Vampire's Club to Facebook Communities section.
Added Vampyres Only to Facebook Communities Section.
Added Van Helsing TV series to Film&TV section
Added My babysitters a vampire TV series to Film&TV section.
Added trailer for Vampyr computer game in Games section.
Added Grimswood Crossing to Books, Blogs & Strips section.
Added Code Vein to Games section with trailer.
Added Vampire Lounge Club Venue to Theater, Shows & Nightlife section.  (Seoul, South korea)
Added Redneck to Books, Blogs and Strips section.
Added let the Right one in stage show, Dublin Ireland (closing 6th jan 2018)
Added a New Orleans vampire Tour to the Lore&Courses section.
Added Wellington Paranormal tv series to upcoming Film & TV section.
Added Dark Fang to Books, Blogs & Strips section.
Added the Desperately Seeking Castle Dracula blog to the Books, Blogs and Strips section.
Added An Accidental Zombie (named Ted) to the upcoming Film and TV section.

There is a little article from Anne Rice on the upcoming Vampire Chronicles tv series here.
There is news that the incompetent cops from What We Do In The Shadows film are to get their own TV spinoff series here.
There is news that Van Helsing tv series has a season 3 confirmed.
There is an update on the Dracula series being written for the BBC by Stephen Moffatt & Mark Gatiss (Sherlock and Dr Who) . Due 2019
New book - The True Story of Dracula by Martin Kukk-Gronberg 
New Film News - Space Vampire
ew Film News - An Accidental Zombie (named Ted) - features vampires, despite the name.

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News articles Nov 2016

from everlost on 11/06/2016 06:37 PM



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Re: New Vampire Playing Cards, Art Prints & Greetings cards

from everlost on 03/27/2016 07:51 PM

Congrats on getting the project funded Ian! Looks really a really nice set!  :)



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Re: Vampire news archive

from everlost on 02/08/2016 07:14 PM

Jan 11th
News article - Whitby Abbey, skeletons being exposed by erosion
News Article - Preacher TV series
News Article - Lady Gaga wins golden Globe for AHS vampire role


Jan 8th
New Film (Big budget) - Witchula
New Trailer - finale of American Horror Story
New Board Game - Fury of Dracula (new release)
The Originals - season 3 spoilers and release date.

Jan 7th
Casting news for Vampire Detective TV series
New article on the New Orleans Vampire Association
New technology! Google releases the vampire watch!
New Nollywood film - Sexy Vampire Girl

Site addition - to the lore section.
vampire comic strip - Biff the Vampire - at least four volumes

Jan 6th
New Article - A Feature on Paul Naschy's Dracula's Great Love
New comic / graphic novel - Judge Dredd magazine is about to run an 8 part series with vampires - The Realm of the Damned

Jan 5th
News article - pics of vampires in Season 3 of Penny Dreadful
DVD Release - Dr Terror's House of Horrors has a vampire in it.
TV Series - A little casting news for upcoming TV series Preacher here.
New Exhibition - New York's Sciencenter has an exhibition called Attack of the Bloodsuckers starting Jan 9th
New video - The highgate vampire symposium
Site additions - webseries Vampires of the Night. Added Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency to the lore section.

Jan 4th
News article - Whitby and vampires get a mention in this Radio Times article.
News article - James Caan forced to do vampire film
New Film - Danish vampire film Heartless, available to watch here (might be UK only)
New Game - Vampyr is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017
New Play - Dracula auditions, Antioch, California
Site additions
Web Series - Blood Thirsty, 14 videos 2016

Jan 3rd
New film (japanese) - Koisuru Vampire
3 webseries added with new episodes released.
Monster High Mayhem - 2016, 130 episodes so far.
My Dead Friends - 2016, 21 episodes so far
Vampire After the Doomsday (manga)
Trailer for a new short film - Two Twenty Four
Added asianfanfics#vampire to the writing section
Added the forum to the games section under VtM
Added The Daily Bite to the art section

Jan 2nd 2016
New Trailer for vampire short film - Salem Occultist
New Short film - Love Bite - Vamp or Vampire
New video - Are Vampires Real? The Legend of the Vampire Crypt
Site news - added 2 webseries called Death Bites and Blood Lad.

Jan 1st 2016
New university course - Vampire Fiction, University of Edinburgh. Runs from January for 10 weeks, evening classes
This is worth a mention... a new streaming horror movie channel called The Killer Movie Channel - has at least a couple of vamp films on the initial listings.
A new audio story on youtube - The Vampire testament by Steve Gray
A new short film A Vampire Story by Angeles City High School.
Site news - added a webcomic called Patrik The Vampire, a webseries called Vampz! , and three more vampire Youtube channels

December 31st
Argh... not sure what to say about this new "game". Blood Code Vampire Hogwarts Visual Novel Dating Simulator
New Music Video - Arjun ft Starz "Vampire"
New Short film on the way - Lineage: A Vampire Short

December 30th
Added a few vampire Youtube channels to the site.
For people with access to the UK Radio 4, this is going out on Saturday 2nd Jan - Angela Carter - Vampirella.
Could finding true love, free Count Dracula's daughter from her "dreadful wheel of destiny"?
A reimagining of the familiar vampire narrative - as Anna Massey stars as the last-in-line of the undead on the eve of the First World War.
New comic - Fistful of Blood
New Event - Strangelove's 5th Annual Vampire Ball in San Francisco, 1st jan
New film (maybe) - Mondo Yakuza. Might be vampire, the description mentions a "lady of the night" and the trailer has brief neck bite. Or ear bite, looks like she missed.
New Collectibles - Fangoria has two new ones here, one of Angel from Buffy, the other is the Master from The Strain
New Event - The IFC Centre in New York is running a long tribute to Sir Christopher Lee, starting Jan 1st (all the vampire ones are in Jan)

December 29th
New vampire manga called "Wooser's Hand-to-mouth life"
New vampire MMORPG game coming, Cloud of Darkness
New vampire short film - The Vampire Awakens
New vampire film - Witchula
Five Fantastic Flicks Featuring bloodthirsty Bats



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Re: Latest vampire news

from everlost on 07/01/2015 08:25 PM

July 1st - New Vampire Hunter D series, Bloodsucking Bastards, Daughters of the Dark Oracle, Fright Night Documentary.

July 2nd - Sunderland, Vampirella / Aliens crossover, Queen of Blood

July 3rd -

July 6th -

July 7th -

July 8th -

July 9th -

July 10th -


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Stuff to add...

from everlost on 06/01/2015 08:18 PM

Found something with fangs that needs adding to Vampweb?  post it here...



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Re: Latest vampire news

from everlost on 06/01/2015 07:33 PM

June 1st - Empire of the Dead, Universal Monsters competition 

June 2nd - Big trouble in Little China remake, From Dusk til Dawn premiere date, Dracula's ghost theater tour.

June 3rd - Island of Doctor Moreau documentary, Lost Soul

June 4th - Justice League : Gods and Monsters

June 5th - Strain 2 first look, Who's line was it anyway? The vampire bits.

June 8th - Goosebumps, some Vampire Theater and Big trouble in Little China news.

June 9th - Vampire Batman, Strain clip, Blood Story

June 10th - Cuddles, Vampire Diaries season 6 DVD 

June 11th - RIP Sir Christopher Lee, The Stranger 

June 14th - Classic Christopher Lee Dracula, upcoming vampire casting news

June 15th - Penny Dreadful gets 3rd season

June 16th - Hotel Transylvania 2 trailer, Carmilla webseries season 2

June 18th - Doctor Vampire, The Scholar Who Walks the Night

June 19th - Christopher Lee night, Vampyr game, William Shakespear Vampire Hunter

June 22nd - Blue Lizard Sunscreen, Vampirella Feary Tales, New Kickstarter projects

 June 23rd - Vampires : Todd & Jessica's Story, Vampire knight, Make Me Dead

 June 24th - Vampire Hunter D, Ghouls' Night Out, Eternal Vigilance book launch

 June 27th Vintage Vampire horror auction, Bi-Curious, Undying

June 29th - San Diego Comic Con, The Vampires of Athens

June 30th - Seize the night, Alice Cooper vs Chaos

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Something you'd like to see here?

from everlost on 05/12/2015 08:47 PM

A whole section, or just a site... post it here, we'll take a look and more than likely add it!

Going to add...
Games. Online, Board, LARP&RPG
Vampire Courses
Theater performances

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Vampire news archive

from everlost on 05/07/2015 09:09 PM

May 2015

May 5th   Lifeforce remake, New Strain trailer
May 7th   The Slayers, Scholar Who walks the Night, Orange Marmalade, Shadowhunters 
May 10th Tales from the Darkside
May 12th Manhattan Undying, Pure bloodlines : Blood is Thicker than Water
May 14th Preacher filming now, Strange Blood
May 15th - Carmilla webseries, Witcher 3 trailer, Underworld 5 news.
May 20th - The Strain season 2 release date, Twilight spinoff screenplays available for download
May 21st - What we do in the Shadows deleted scene, Preacher casting news
May 22nd - Empire of the Dead
May 23rd - Hulk vs Dracula
May 25th - from Dusk til Dawn : The Second Series
May 28th - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen remake
May 29th - The Bite 

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