666Vampire Queen666 - 1536 members as of Nov 2016.  Spanish group, mostly pics and meme's.



Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles - 11437 members as of July 2016. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles: is a community dedicated to Anne Rice's series of vampire novels, The Vampire Chronicles. It is also dedicated to the unique & highly talented creator of the series, author Anne Rice, and Rice's other works of literature. All are most warmly welcome.


Between Heaven and Hell - 2499 members as of July 2016.  This group is for people 18+ age that like vampires, wolves, fairies, angels and any other cool stuff. You are welcome to post pictures, share books and share your work if you are an authors.


Canadian Vampire Community - Facebook community, 555 members as of July 2016.  

  • The Canadian Vampire Community.

    A place to meet and teach, spread out to inform and educate various communities on aspects concerning vampirism and related interests.


Count Dracula - 3552 members as of July 2016.  "Welcome to my house! Enter freely and of your own free will!"

This group is dedicated to Count Dracula and vampire enthusiasts. Feel free to post pictures, clips, articles and thoughts on the count and vampires in general. 



Crypt of the Undead - 172 members as of June 2016.  A group for fans of the Vampire genre to get together and discuss their favorite books, movies, and TV shows. Please, no role-playing, or asking to be "turned" into a vampire: we all know that "real" vampires don't exist!. Also, there will be no toleration of spammy posts, such as links to porn sites or videos, or the selling of any merchandise not related to the subject of vampires. If you block the Administrator of this page to try to get away with posting anything objectionable, you will be removed from this group and blocked from rejoining. Thank you for joining and I hope that you enjoy the things that we share!



Dark and Decadent Hull Goths and Vamps - 220 members as of July 2016.  A place for people of an alternative disposition to get together for chat and discussions. 
Clothing ideas, events meet ups all of a dark nature. Films of dark wonderful vamps, monsters either new or classic.  Music of the gothic kind including concerts, events or just new albums. Reviewing old music. Gigging and dancing.  Open minded Goths / Alternative people welcome.  No displays of bullying. People welcome if they are not abusive and they accept everyone. 



Dracula Detection Squad - 29 members as of june 2016.  A special focus group specifically designed to pinpoint the sites and locations found in Bram Stoker's Gothic novel, along with many of those which are featured in movie spin-offs or linked to theatre productions closely associated with Count Dracula himself. The primary purpose being the investigative aspect of the Dracula genre in particular. Theme music complementary to the given subject is occasionally included too.



Dracula fans - 2502 Members as of June 2016. Welcome to Dracula fans group ! This is an exclusive special group about 

[In many forms from the silent classic Nosferatu, to the talkie in which the Dracula, in the group header name Béla Lugosi, appeared to current vampires too ! ] 

Dracula Fans,
Welcome Photos, Polls, video clips, radio snippets, new fictions, riddles et anything dedicated to Dracula whether [it be ] novels, art, et films too !


Dracula's lair - 3457 members as of July 2016.  A Facebook group dedicated to all things Dracula. The King of the Vampires has made his presence known all forms of media. We celebrate the history, study and the enchantment that is Dracula. Whether it be discussion of Bram Stoker's most famous creation or discussion of historys most notorious Impaler. All things Dracula may be discussed here, as well as anything Dracula related: classic vampire movies, Vampires, Gothic interests, etc. Our goal is to further education, Entertainment and most especially fellowship. SORRY NO ONE UNDER 18 ALLOWED. WE WILL BAN YOU FROM THE GROUP 


El Jardin Salvaje - Spanish site dedicated to Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles.  8074 members as of August 2016.  Página dedicada a las novelas de Anne Rice vinculadas a Lestat de Lioncourt y sus compañeros inmortales. Rol, FanFic, FanART, etc.


Fairiesandvampires.com - 150 active members


 Fangers - 1340 Members as of May 2015 - This page is dedicated to Real Modern Day Vampyres.We are not evil or malicious killers. We are not the creepy monsters you see in movies or read about in books. We definitely do not sparkle in the sun. Our intent is not to drain you dry of your blood or energy. Although we do need to feed just like everyone else, the only difference is that we need a little more energy and/or blood to sustain our vitality. Yes, some of us do drink blood, but we do have consenting adult donors who supply what we need. We cant turn you into a Vampyre... You have to be born one (Awakened) We are just like the rest of you and all we want is to simply exist along side you.


Fangs Rule VwV - 579 Members as of Oct 2015 - Fangs Rule! Nuff said.


Gothic Vampire's Club - 22362 members as of Jan 2018. Welcome to our new page,I hope that we will be together for a long time and that we will have a good fun,you can put music,pictures (tagg on them),you can send us messages on the page...everything is allowed except of mutual insults and attacking of any kind...if there is any wishes just let us know! On this page are two admins first is ~GothicTwin~ and second is ~VampireTwin~ ...yes,evil twins and we are proud of it...we do not take new admins and we never will,for any questions please contact us directly on the wall or send us a private message on the page itself,we will respond to each of your post, comment or message as always !!Well, that's about all, greetings from admin team... your GothicVampire's...

Hammer Horror Film Classics - 6383 members as of June 2016.  


I Love Vampires - 9102 members as of Feb 2016. This page is for the sole purpose of entertaining people who like the world of vampires, or any other point of interest. None of these pictures are mine , but are shared for viewing enjoyment. Feel free to like and share, or just browse. Thank you.


Ladies of the OVC - 185 members as of July 2016. My intention with this group is to try go back to the old traditions where females gathered to share and discuss their community and the female aspects of their society.
Withdrawn from the men, many women will speak more freely, not because the men are not needed or wanted, but because some things are different in their understanding of our nature.
This is a community with many differences but Ladies, Please Rise Above such and embrace Sisterhood and it's similarities. 


Landau's Legion - 1591 Members as of Oct 2015 - To go forth and increase the ranks of the UNDEAD. Become part of making Juliet Landau's A PLACE AMONG THE UNDEAD the definitive vampire documentary featuring interviews with Joss Whedon, Tim Burton, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Anne Rice, Charline Harris, Robert Patrick and many others. We want to cover every aspect of the UNDEAD in pop culture.



London Vampire Meetup Group (UK) - Greetings all. We are a gathering of darkened souls who bear an interest in all things vampiric, from those who have a love for the literature and the movies to those who prefer to delve deeper. Whatever level your interest, you are most welcome. Meets are 1st Thursday of every month.


Lycans e Vampiros - 17466 members as of Oct 2015. 


Manchester Vampire Guild - 1218 members as of May 2015.  The Vampire Guild celebrates all aspects of the Vampire Culture. The Vampyre Community, Sanguinarian, Black swans all are welcome.
The group is a place for like minded souls to discuss and debate any topics they wish. Our meetings are relaxed and friendly and we hope that you will enjoy the group and what it has to offer. All we ask is that you respect each other and the opinions expressed. No slanging matches please. Please can we politely point out that we are not a role play or gaming group. You must also be 18 years of age or over to join. There are no subs or membership fees of any kind to pay. If you would like any more information on the group please feel free to contact any of the team directly.


Mansonism / Gothic / Vampirism - 6887 Members as of Oct 2015.  Welcome, This is a place for Marilyn Manson Fan`s, Gothic people, Vampirism, Satanism, Metal head`s and all darkness lover. read the rules and have fucking fun here.


MysticalVampireVixens - Welcome to the site! Mystical Vampire Vixens, is a website dedicated to bringingAustralian fans the latest on The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Twilight, and Supernatural. Feel free to browse the achrives, visit the image gallery, and chat it up on the forum. Thanks for visiting, enjoy the site...

Night Bites - 2186 members as of August 2016. Night Bites ........... Vampire and other Children of the Night.


Nocternal Passage Society - 60 members as of June 2015. Based in Colorado, USA. This group exists so that the members may plan trips to haunted destinations, film said haunted adventure, scare the bejesus out of ourselves and then post the haunted video all over the Internet and scare the living hell out of everyone else! Oh, yeah, and to hopefully become more educated and gain a better understanding about the living world that exists all around us, everyday, that we have been taught to turn our blind eye and heart to.  Based out of Colorado, social Meetups starting very soon. If you are in Eastern Colorado and if you are interested in plumbing the depths of the unknown and benefiting from exploring new horizons of thought, with an awesome group of people, you might want to check out or FB page and join our Meetups...which are coming very soon. See you there, on the cusp of beautifully dark discovery...

Ordo Dracul Translyvania - 1091 members as of Jan 2018.  The Ordo Dracul claims descent from Dracula, who, according to the Rites of the Dragon, had been cursed by God with immortality and hunger for blood after he was cornered by assassins in 1476. The Rites of the Dragon state the Dracula and his three childer formed the Ordo Dracul, which was then placed under his childers care. The early Covenant faced persecution within Kindred society, most vehemently from the Lancea et Sanctum, who would not tolerate the blasphemous experiments of the Dragons. Additionally, the Ordo had problems with continuing their founder's cause. Ordo Dracul historians theorize that until the scientific method became prevalent, the Dragons had to rely on incomplete notes, word of mouth and sheer luck in experimenting with the Coils.

Penny Dreadful Appreciation Society - 798 Members as of June 2016. For all things Penny Dreadful and its alluring cast. Eva Green Josh Harnett Reeve Carney Harry Treadaway Timothy Dalton Billie Piper Rory Kinnear Simon Russel Beale



Penny Dreadful Hardcore Fans - 1083 members as of June 2016.  Join the demimonde. Discuss your love for the Showtime series "Penny Dreadful". 


Peter Cushing Association - 7151 members as of June 2016.  Created in 1994 by Brian Holland and Joyce Broughton, Peter Cushing's close friend and former secretary, the goal of the PCA is to celebrate the life and achievement of British actor Peter Cushing. Now run by Christopher Gullo since 2000, the Peter Cushing Association welcomes all fans of this great actor and encourages reviews of films/DVDs, articles, and memories. To date, the PCA has been involved in a number of projects including the following:

The Beast Must Die - Dark Sky DVD liner notes & extras
Asylum - Dark Sky DVD liner notes & extras
And Now the Screaming Starts - Dark Sky DVD liner notes & extras
The Hellfire Club - Dark Sky DVD liner notes & extras
No White Peaks charity CD - Peter Cushing bio section
This England Magazine - Peter Cushing cover for tribute article
Nothing But the Night - Scorpion DVD liner notes
At the Earth's Core - MGM Blu-Ray - provided 16mm mini-documentary on the monsters of the film.



Real Vampires - 2500 Facebook members as of May 2015 - We are the vampires who lurk in the shadows of the world we come out to teach the humans if our culture and exsistance. Stand together with me and make our race stronger and better.Vampire Community of Texas - 162 members as of May 2015

Ronin Vampire Community - 4658 members as of July 2016. A Place for all Vampire Ronin And supporters of Vampire's....A free Commuinty.....No Drama Please


Urban Vampires - Facebook community, 276 members as of July 2016. This page is here mainly to bring an awareness of the Vampire lifestyle within the Hip-Hop, Pop, Urban culture, Goth,Emo,BDSM etc. http://www.facabook.com/UrbanVampires

Vamped.org - Over a thousand followers on facebook, this site has regularly published articles on all aspects of vampirism... books, films, tv... music, interviews, history... everything a vamp could want.  From the site : it’s intended to unite people interested in vampires. No matter what your personal investment in the subject is, be it scholarly, a casual browser or if you’re a member of the Vampire Community, there’s a selection of groups and forums covering all aspects of vampirism. Many websites in the field tend to concentrate on one specific element of vampire interest or identity. The Online Vampire Community (OVC), for instance, has a very strong web presence. On a personal level, I’m particularly impressed by the work of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance. But what if you just want to talk about vampire movies? What if you want to talk about your favourite novels, instead? What if vampire folklore’s more your cup of tea? All bases are covered here. And if they’re not, they will be.


Vampire Awareness Month - Facebook Community, 2207 members as of Jan 2016.


Vampire Cafe - Livejournal community.


Vampire Community Professional Exchange and Bazaar - A group to exchange Professional and Artisan Services within the Community. Artists, Writers, Massage Therapists, Musicians and other goods and services welcome. 29 members as of May 2015

Vampire Coven - 3584 members as of July 2016. This is a group for all of you who love vampirism and all things gothic, Dark, and beautiful. 
only rule: Do not block admin! you will be blocked. other than that, have fun.


Vampire Fandom - 138 members as of July 2015.  Love vampires history, books, films and folklore? This group is for you! Post pictures, share articles or events and join the conversation! Feel free to post a pic and introduce yourself to other vampire fans! We want to meet our fans! Part of Vamped.org. Also has https://www.facebook.com/vampirefans?fref=ts with 84 members as of July 2015.

 Vampire Forums - 96000 members as of july 2015.  We are dedicated to providing our viewers with the best of everything vampire including books, movies and games in addition to the hottest new authors that are taking the world by storm.



Vampire Garden - 6269 members as of July 2016. Lots of wonderful vampire pics posted, very active group.


VampireFreaks.com - Huge community (couldnt tell how many members, but it had 1200 online when i visited at 6pm Uk time). Profiles, Journals, Cults, Pics, Music, Events, Chatroom and shop. 


Vampire Gothic Society - Vampire art,gothic art.photography ,victorian art (1400 Members as of May 2015)



Vampire-ladies - Russian Forum - Can't tell you much more as google translate couldnt cope with the site, but it has plenty of members.


VampirePassions.com - 200 members as of June 2015. 100% Free Dating & Social Networking for Vampires & Vampire Lovers

Vampires - 682,000 members as of June 2015.  Huge facebook group, very active!



You’ve seen it all by now. The Internet’s dark underbelly, slimy and slick, poked up for you to touch and maybe even vivisect, if that’s what you’re into. There are a variety of Vampires sites, all dedicated to giving you bits and pieces of what you really crave; oh trust me, we know what it is. You want all the hottest vampire guys, and girls in one place; all the nastiest vampire hybrids here, –you can practically smell the viscera. We’ve got contests for vampire wannabes, and vampire writers, giving away some of the coolest swag.  We know you want all the darkest vampire tunes in one place, so you can learn all the gory details behind the sound. Let’s not forget your aching desire to find all the fangs from film in one hot spot; we’ve got film reviews, and all the latest news about who’s sucking who, –vampires that is.

Vampires and Goth Dark Art - 6476 members as of Jan 2018.  Our world... the beauty of darkness... the abyss in our souls... vampires, children of the night... dark art, goth and horror from all over the internet

Vampire Scene - vampirescene.com is the hottest Vampire social network where you can interact with new people and connect with Vampires and Vampire friends. The only place to meet like-minded people looking to hook up with Vampires all over the world. Check out our latest Vampire members. 100% free - Sign Up Now!


Vampire's Kiss - 978 Members as of May 2015.  Welcome & enter freely....A group for the serious vampire lovers amoung us. Vampires in literature, movies, music, art, mythology .only rules are please do not post more then three posts at a time. Please credit art as often as you can. Be respectful...if you expect people to "like" and comment on your posts try and do the same for other members. No spam except on Fridays. now do make friends. Nibbles. 


Vampires of Africa - 173 Members as of October 2015.  Vampires of Africa


Vampires of Wisconsin - 494 members as of Oct 2015.  Everything Vampyre, and everything Vampyre of Wisconsin V.O.W.
A public page where we invite vampire families and YOU to share.



Vampires Romania - 5410 members as of Jan 2018.  Vampires No disrespect, hate or negative vibes accepted here! Be careful, you will be banned! Thank you for understanding!.

Vampire Universal Salon - Place for discussions about vampires. 167 members as of nov 2016. Formerly called "Vampire Thinkers", the scope of this group has been expanded to include occult topics, mythologies, subcultures, and basically strains of alternative thought in addition to vampire discussions. One reason is to provide a wider context for vampire topics, i.e. vampirism in mystical renditions of history.


Vampire Vault - Facebook group, 361 members as of Jan 2016.  The Vampire Vault is dedicated to the vampire of folklore, literature, and film.



Vampire World TV - 3503 members as of Oct 2015.  Hosted by Vampire World TV, an exploration of vampire culture, myths and legends.


Vampire's Valley of Darkness - 18000 members as of May 2015 - Art is something Beyond Imagination.


Vampires, Werewolves and Witches - 7468 members as of July 2016.  for all things vampire, werewolf and witch


Vampire Writers Support Group - 1200 Members as of June 2015 - A writing support group for authors of the paranormal, especially vampires, to discuss their projects, get help, and publicize their work!


Vampirisme - French facebook community. 2676 Members as of August 2016. Vampirisme.com est un webzine collaboratif dédié au mythe du vampire, et à son utilisation dans les oeuvres de l'esprit que son les livres, les films et les jeux. Le site propose en outre de nombreuses interview d'auteurs, des récits de voyages et une impressionnante galerie photo, tout ça tourné autour des buveurs de sang.


Vamp'sList - "Vamp'sList" Buy, Sell, or Trade .VL is a group where people from the VC and OVC can sell their services, merchandise, and unwanted stuff it is pretty simple really just post an item you want to sell and work out the rest with those who are interested in buying your stuff. 79 members as of May 2015



Vampyresque (UK) - 1436 members as of May 2015.  Vampyric literary salon & tea + dinner party held to amuse, to refine the taste and to increase the knowledge. Each salon is very different in style, content, venue, time of year and sometimes country but it's always an elegant intimate gathering of people with a vampire state of mind. 

Vampyres only -  939 members as of Jan 2018.  Vampyres Only was created in 1994 to integrate all things within the vampire realm, and is not affiliated with, nor subject to, any vampire community or organization. We are an entity of our own, and are not interested in the politics and issues typically found within these groups.

We are a group of diverse individuals that have come together to engage each other in our love of vampires, the myths and legends, and to make new friends with common interests. We strive for tolerance, and endeavor to ensure VO remains a safe haven for those who want to call it home.