Jan 3rd

News :

There is a look at how Marvel's Dark Universe might have played out if Guillermo Del Toro had done the whole thing.

There is news that we now have a Castlevania movie on the way, directed by James Wan

Jan 2nd

Site Updates

Added Vampirella Feary Tales and Dynamite's latest Vampirella series to books, blogs & strips section.

Added Captain Chronos : Vampire Hunter to the books, blogs & strips section

Added The Trade to the books, blogs & strips section.

Added Morbius the Living Vampire, Carmilla and They Live Among Us, Hotel Transylvania 3 to the upcoming films section.

Added Dayton Performing Arts ballet production Dracula : Bloodlines to the Theater, shows & Nightlife section.  (Dayton is Ohio, USA)

Started moving the Blood and Shadows writing forum onto this site.


There is an article on the latest Vampirella comic (#9) here.

There is a review of The Trade comic here.

Kim Newman has done a new graphic novel in the Anno Dracula series - details of 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem are here.

NEW FILM NEWS - The Vampyre is expected October 2019, from Britannia Pictures.

There is a bloopers and gag reel from The Strain season 4 here.

NEW FILM NEWS - The Historian.  Based on the novel by Elizabeth Kostova that revolves around a young woman's search for her father, who is on the hunt for the grave of Vlad the Impaler, the feudal lord who inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula. No release date as yet.


Jan 1st 2018

Site Updates

Added The Bones of Romeo Rock Opera to the Theater, Shows & Nightlife section. Also added the band to the Music / bands section.
Added The Vampyre Blogs - Private Edition to the Books, Blogs & Strips section
Added a new Dracula's Castle online slot machine to the Games section
Added Dracula's Ball to the Events calendar, and Theater, Shows & Nightlife section - Philadephia, 14th April 2018
Added Vampires Romania to the Facebook Communities section.
Added Ordo Dracul Transylvania to Facebook Communities section.
Added Vampires and Goth Dark Art to Facebook Communities section.
Added The Gothic Vampire's Club to Facebook Communities section.
Added Vampyres Only to Facebook Communities Section.
Added Van Helsing TV series to Film&TV section
Added My babysitters a vampire TV series to Film&TV section.
Added trailer for Vampyr computer game in Games section.
Added Grimswood Crossing to Books, Blogs & Strips section.
Added Code Vein to Games section with trailer.
Added Vampire Lounge Club Venue to Theater, Shows & Nightlife section.  (Seoul, South korea)
Added Redneck to Books, Blogs and Strips section.
Added let the Right one in stage show, Dublin Ireland (closing 6th jan 2018)
Added a New Orleans vampire Tour to the Lore&Courses section.
Added Wellington Paranormal tv series to upcoming Film & TV section.
Added Dark Fang to Books, Blogs & Strips section.
Added the Desperately Seeking Castle Dracula blog to the Books, Blogs and Strips section.
Added An Accidental Zombie (named Ted) to the upcoming Film and TV section.

There is a little article from Anne Rice on the upcoming Vampire Chronicles tv series here.
There is news that the incompetent cops from What We Do In The Shadows film are to get their own TV spinoff series here.
There is news that Van Helsing tv series has a season 3 confirmed.
There is an update on the Dracula series being written for the BBC by Stephen Moffatt & Mark Gatiss (Sherlock and Dr Who) . Due 2019
New book - The True Story of Dracula by Martin Kukk-Gronberg 
New Film News - Space Vampire
ew Film News - An Accidental Zombie (named Ted) - features vampires, despite the name.