November 2016

1 Nightlife site added

18 news articles added

Vampire TV series section added

3 vampire comics added

2 x Facebook sites added

1 x vampire course added

1 x theatre show added

3 x vampire computer games added

2 x vampire music videos added

2 x vampire lore sites added


The Full list...


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August 2016

Kickstarter Corner updated - 6 new projects added.

Created a Vampire tumblr page section under Art, Artists and Photography.  7 Sites added here.

Added 1 site to the fansites section. (its a buffy one, I know, I just have three buffy ones in there)

Added 1 webseries

Added 4 Vampire Community Pages - Vampirisme, Le Jardin Salvage, Vampire Scene and Night Bites

Added 1 Vampire ball event - Denver Vampire Ball, Feb 26 2017

Added 2 vampire holiday resorts - Vampire Camping in Romania, and Hotel Castel Dracula in Romania.

Added 1 vampire facebook game - vampire legacy tavern.

The full list...


July 2016

Added 4 Vampire photographers

Added 16 Vampire Art sites

Added 11 Vampire Community pages

Added 1 Real Vampire site

Added 1 vampire film, tv & literature discussion site

Added 1 vampire author

Added 1 vampire shop (UK)

Added 1 vampire lore site

Added TV / Film Fansites section, added 2 sites to this.

Updated Kickstarter corner - 6 vampire projects listed

Added 1 Theater show


June 2016

Added 7 Facebook groups to the Facebook Communties

Added 1 Facebook game to the games section

Added 1 facebook site to the Real vampire Communities section

Added 1 facebook site to the Art section