Vampire Webseries.

Confessions of a VampireIn the 1400's, Vlad Tepes (the impaler) was the ruler of Valahia. Vampiru (the Transylvanian vampire) resurfaces details about an incident between Vlad the Impaler and a foreign merchant.

Blood and Bone China - 2012, 15 episodes. "It is 1897 and a city is in turmoil; poor souls are being taken, vanishing without a trace. When the local doctor disappears, word travels to his brother, a young country vet by the name of Newlyn Howell. Spurred on to discover the macabre truth by the enigmatic Alexander Pyre, Newlyn stumbles into a twisted web of deception, murder... and villainous vampires."

Carmilla (2015, 36 episodes 7.2million views! Season 2 has started, June 2015) 

Jessica Forever  - (2014, 5 episodes, 143,000 views)  "Jessica Forever" is a new web-series about a young woman who gets caught up in a underworld of Vampires that control the infrastructure of the world.

The Vamps Next Door - (2014, 27 episodes, 760,000 views) They look like your average family, but the neighbors have a secret...... they're vampires! Vampire mom, Beverly Tepes, loves her job in the ER. When a patient dies, it really makes her day and dinner is served. Vampire dad, Walter Tepes, works for the IRS and hypnotizes his co-workers for fun. They're a modern day, tax-paying, SUV driving family with two teenage kids, a batty old grandma and a vampire cat. It's 2012 and they're not killers anymore... they're your next door neighbors. At least, they try not to kill anyone...

Morganville : The Series  (2015 ongoing, 7 episodes)  Based on the book series by Rachel Caine

I kissed a Vampire (2013, 3 episodes)

Redwood The Series (2013, 5 episodes, 103,000 views) REDWOOD is a dramatic vampire genre digital series. Official selection at the Hollyweb Festival 2013 and winner of two awards at the LA Web Fest 2013.

Hicky the Hillbilly Vampire (2014, 9 episodes, 5000 views) Hicky, the Hillbilly Vampire is an original comedy web series about a small town, eastern Ky. vampire named Vernon Ray Hicks. His best friend Zed is a zombie and together they take on a cast of crazy characters who are out to get them. V. Ray’s love interest, Sissy, is the local snake handling preacher’s daughter and is dating the local drug dealer, J.B.. Throw in some city slicker vampires, a witch and a were-monster and you get a very funny take on the supernatural.

Suck and Moan (2012, 10 episodes) When the world is overrun with zombies, what happens to the vampires who've been feeding on humans all along? Meet Luke and Myra, two vampiric friends who debate the possible side effects of the new zombie contingent and how their lives will be inconvenienced...

Transitions (2015 ongoing, 6 episodes so far as of May 2015. Transitions is a web series that takes place within the world of the supernatural. The show follows, Ed Loomis a distraught man on the streets of the city of Kingdom. He meets Zachariah a vampire and from that moment his life is changed for eternity. Follow Ed as he becomes introduced to the dark society of the supernatural and his acceptance of becoming a vampire.

A Vampire Novella (2013, 5 episodes) "Silent, spooky, and black and white!" Written and directed by, J.D. Mata, a film noir web series, enjoy - BOO!

Skye of the Damned (2013, 3 episodes) Skye MacKenna (played by Lauren Steinmeyer) discovers the truth about a tragedy from her past and must decide if she will follow her stepfather's wishes, or put her life in danger to find out the truth of the mystery that now surrounds her. (2011-2013, 9 episodes, 280,000 views)

Tim Helsing : Monster Hunter (2012-13, 33 episodes, 476,000 views) I AM TIM is a documentary which may of may not be entirely real. It follows the adventures of a man named Tim as he defends the city of York from all the things that go bump in the night.

My Immortal - (2 series, 2013-14, approx 18 episodes.) 

Job review with a Vampire - (2013, 6 episodes) - Job Review with a Vampire is a funny web series about a vampire who just wants to hold onto his cushy office night job... and the boss who just doesn't get it.

Max the Vamp - (2013-14 6 episodes) A dark comedy about the life & times of a real 300 year old vampire. This is the premiere episode of a new series! Based on a Graphic Novel now available on Kindle & Amazon.

Teenage Vampire Killers from Hell (2014, 3 episodes) Father Boyd and Frank take care of some teenagers who are in the twilight of their relationship and we learn how Father Boyd got into the vampire killing business.

Vampz! - (5 Episodes 2015) VAMPZ! is a series about the supernatural thrills & hijinks of wannabe vampire Simone, her ditzy roommie Ashlee and a circle of offbeat and unforgettable characters.

Death Bites - 7 episodes 2012 - A comedic web series that focuses on a young man living with four vampires during the early days of the zombie apocalypse

Blood Lad - 11 episodes 2013

Monster High Mayhem - 2016, 130 episodes so far.

My Dead Friends - 2016, 21 episodes so far

Vampire After the Doomsday - 2016, Japanese webcomic